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About MasterDaf

MasterDaf is a series of lessons on the Mishna and Babylonian Talmud given by Rabbi Avraham Kosman over a seven year period. The lessons cover every Mishna and the whole Talmud in a unique format. Every word of the Mishna and Talmud is read in its original Hebrew and Aramaic, then translated into clear English, and explained according to the basic meaning of the text.

The site, contains all of the lessons of Rabbi Kosman on the Mishna and Talmud. Each lesson is accessible through easy to use menus which can take you directly to the page that you are learning. In addition, each page of the Mishna or Talmud can be viewed during the lesson in a clear, computer generated replica of the original page, in the original format it is found in the printed book.

In addition to being able to listen to the lessons and viewing the page over the internet, each page and lesson may be downloaded for personal use offline. The pages are in GIF format and the lessons are in MP3 format. The downloading feature allows the Mishna and Talmud pages to be printed and the lessons to be put on an MP3 portable player or transferred to a CD Audio* for user convenience.

TES -, the originators and developers of the MasterDaf Talmud and MasterDaf Mishna series on CD-ROM have undertaken the development of this project to further spread the awareness and learning of the Talmud via use of the computer technology.

*CD Audio: User must have software and CD Writer for converting MP3 files to CD Audio

About Rabbi Kosman

Rabbi Kosman learned at the Ner Yisroel Yeshiva in Baltimore for 6 years and then moved to the Slabodka Yeshiva in Bnei Brak in 1981. The Master Daf shiurim began at Slabodka for the English speaking crowd and quickly spread to 3 other continents. In his own words, "When we saw it fulfilled a need we began to offer it to the public, and after 5 years or so we were grateful for the public response. Our philosophy is we've got to learn, not waste time, and know shas." A similar project was then requested for Mishna by a listener in Florida, and then for Rambam by listeners in Jerusalem. Rabbi Kosman`s latest project is Master Mishna Brura.

Rabbi Kosman has authored the following seforim:
* Sefer Ahavas Tzvi on Yevamos
* Otzros Ktzos Hachoshen
* Otzros R' Akiva Eiger

In addition, Rabbi Kosman is the Maggid shiur of the Master Daf, Master Mishna, and Master Rambam audio cassette and CD-Rom series.

New projects include: The completion of Master Rambam - Master Mishna Brura - Master Yerushalmi - Master Medrash - Master Mussar - Master Zohar

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